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Special Roll

Item Name Price

SR01 The Signature

Tempura shrimp, cucumber, masago, seaweed salad & snow crab.

SR02 Village Roll

Deep fried spicy tuna, masago & avocado.

SR03 Rock n Roll

California roll topped w/ soft shell crab, cucumber & masago.

SR04 Jewelry Box

Deep fried rice wrapped inside out w/salmon, tuna, avocado, cream cheese, scallion & masago on top.

SR05 Volcano Roll

Baked scallop, crab stick & masago on top of California Roll.

SR06 Salmon Dream Roll

Spicy salmon, tempura crunchy topped w/ salmon & avocado.

SR07 Dynamite Roll

Spicy salmon, tempura crunchy, cucumber topped w/ avocado & tuna.

SR08 Cherry Blossoms

Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado wrapped in soy bean sheet.

SR09 Samurai

Tuna, eel, cucumber, crab stick topped w/ salmon, avocado & black tobiko.

SR10 Sexy Salmon

Spicy chopped white tuna, cream cheese & avocado topped w/ baked salmon.

SR11 Yellowtail Fantasy

Spicy yellow, tempura crunchy & avocado topped w/ sliced yellowtail & fresh sprouts.

SR12 Hella Hot

Spicy salmon, avocado & cucumber topped w/ spicy tuna & chopped jalepeno.

SR13 Dragon Egg

Deep fried half shell avocado filled w/ spicy scallop, smoked salmon, Spicy snow crab & cream cheese.

SR14 Joah Ark

Deep fried spicy shrimp, crab stick, avocado & cucumber w/ ponzu & a hint of sriracha sauce.

SR15 Big Tuna

Tuna, cucumber & jalepeno topped w/ white tuna, avocado, yellowtail & black tobiko.

SR16 The Rescue

Spicy salmon, crab stick, cream cheese topped w/ tuna, white tuna & green tobiko.

SR17 Maguro Madness

Spicy tuna & cucumber topped w/ spicy kani & tuna.

SR18 Hula Hoop

 Deep fried tuna, salmon, avocado & tempura shrimp W/ seaweed inside out.

SR19 Four Seasons

Tuna, white tuna, salmon & avocado topped w/ 4 kinds tobiko.

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